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Grilled Chili Lime & Ginger shrimp

This one super easy and super delicious. Whether you cook it up with some mango rice or use it in tacos, everyone will enjoy the shrimp’s slightly sweet and spicy glaze!


1lbs of shrimp
1 can of Unknown Craft Ginger Ale
2-3 fresh limes
bundle of fresh cilantro
2 tbsp of olive oil
3 tbsp chili powder
1 tbsp of salt
1 tsp of pepper
1 tsp of garlic powder


In a medium mixing bowl add Shrimp, can of Unknown Craft Ginger Ale, 2 tbsp of chili powder, olive oil, salt pepper, and garlic
Let it marinate for around 20 minutes
During this time get coals hot on the grill until coal s have burned down to medium heat
Carefully add cooking oil or spray to grates of grill so that the shrimp do not stick
Add shrimp , spread out so they get even heat. save a small amount of marinade
Cook the shrimp for the most part on one side so that the shells caramelize
Flip the shrimp and pour over remaining marinade to finish
Slice limes and squeeze fresh juice over shrimp while still on grill
Dust with chili powder, salt, and pepper
Finish off with fine chopped cilantro

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