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Our Story

Our Craft Ginger Ale company started pretty simply. We were just tired of drinking ginger ale and soda that were fake and loaded with artificial sugars. Since we could not find what we were looking for we started making it ourselves!

This became our mission: to make some of the tastiest, natural ginger ale ever! It had to be real and it had to be true. Searching every source we could get our hands on, we started juicing ginger from all over the world. Added to that is pure cane sugar, and then we finish it off with the brightness of fresh lime juice. All of a sudden, we have something that has so much flavor.

We probably should have started the story by mentioning that we already ran a great craft brewery. This ginger ale project wasn’t slated to add to the product list of what we sell. This was just our own personal, delicious side-project, something we could take growlers of home and mix with our favorite spirits. Somehow, someone put it on tap in the taproom, and the next thing you know people are raving about this fresh, natural ginger ale and asking for it in cans.

Fast forward to today and here you are, reading a story about a small, accidental startup that is making arguably the best natural ginger ale in the world! So glad you came and gave us the time to tell you about us. We are still a small, local, family-owned business located in Charlotte, NC. Our Craft Ginger Ale is now available in cans and flourishing in our hometown markets across the Carolinas. We are working hard to bring it to other markets around this great land so that everyone has the chance to see what it’s all about.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them!